Legal fees and Your options

In the dynamic virtual world in which we live, our reach Is only as limited as our imagination.

This is especially true in business, and commerce. No longer limited by physical time and space, entrepreneurs can reach into markets and create industries beyond their mere physical world.

Today business and commerce is virtual, and worldwide and expandable at will. While the opportunities have become limitless so has the demands, and the risks.

In this environment , Lawyers, especially commercial lawyers must match their clients dreams and reach. But equally importantly they must match their efficiencies. They like their clients must have the necessary scope and range of imagination to go beyond the mere physical. Reaching into the virtual world of information and passing that savings on to their clients. Yet unfortunately most law firms, especially large law firms, are still mired in the old world of physical realm. They are bound by time and space, measuring themselves and their reach by the number of offices they maintain, the number of lawyers they can employ. This results employment of hundreds of lawyers, staff members, and support people necessary to keep a few lawyer comfortable in outmoded physical world. They burden themselves, but most importantly their clients through the fees they charge, with this enormous overhead. These law firms, and the partners who run them, know this is a foolish waste resources, and a burden on the entire commercial sphere, that is why on their websites, they so eloquently brag how efficient and cost conscious they. Yet when one glances at the photos they proudly display on these websites their claims proven to be otherwise.

Business people today should know better than to buy this argument, and they would never for an instant buy it in another context, but in the context of legal services. Savoy businessman/woman have in a short time span seen what virtual efficiency is. They know Barnes and Noble is being hard pressed to compete with Amazon. That Best Buy, fight as it may can barely survive against any online electronics dealer. And yet when it comes to selecting law firms and lawyers, these lessons are ignored or forgotten. Some of these otherwise highly competitive commercial individuals choose to burden themselves, and their businesses with the costs and inefficiencies of a 19th century law office what is becoming quickly the middle of the 21 century.

As a singular example of this change, in the not so distant past every law firm, of any size and credibility had to have a legal library, a physical space where books were stored on walls, updated by hand, stacked, sorted and resorted at tremendous costs and human effort. Today that same information is held in the palm of a lawyers hand, no large then an ipad or cell phone, available at no or very little costs, with no maintenance other the a battery charger.

A slow glacial movement:
Yes, there are a few brave souls in the legal world who attempt a slightly different approach, but their efforts when examined closely are only cosmetic. They are still bound by burdensome associations, layers of bureaucratic waste – partners, senior associates, para legal, etc.

An efficiency that your business does not use – is an efficiency that does NOT exist.
Yet large law firms and sometimes what is called boutique firms still base their hourly rates with these imagined non – existent overhead in mind. There is a glacially slow movement to re adjust fees and charges in light of the brave new legal world I have described, but if your monthly billing statements still reflect those horrendous hourly billing rates the charges are coming to slow for you, and your commercial efficiency.

My approach:
As I commercial counselor, I have often railed against this waste, especially so in the context of small business models, and individual start-ups, and yet, unfortunately, all too often, my advice and counsel has been ignored.
And once this damage is done, this legal burden has been accepted, it must be satisfied, THE BILL MUST BE PAID, Often times this legal burden, is what can make the difference between success and failure, between solvency and bankruptcy.
What I advise and what I offer is a real alternative, as a solo practitioner, I can met your immediate needs, and keep my fees low. If and when an emergency emerges, litigation ensues then in a blink of an eye, we, at this office expand, secure the specialists you need, and support that can, when needed, and only when needed make the difference. But never to we request that your