Legal Services

The growth of large law firms, specialty firms, boutique firm, etc., and the practice of law as a business, divided by specialties and subsets, is relatively a new phenomenon, it is an outgrowth of this century, and industrialization. While it may have its place, it is not for all clients at all times, like the individual medical practitioner, the individual legal practitioner, the counselor, is critical, and has to some degree been lost to the institutional law business.

I have created a practice that returns to the counselor approach. Working with each individual client, on each individual case. Often times among themselves lawyer will give the famous line “Well is was just a case”… my response to that is “to the client, you, it was and is the case.

That is how I practice law, and why I practice in the following fields of legal services:



If you have sued someone successfully and still are awaiting payment, you may require the services of a debt collection attorney such as myself. There are different debt collection regulations and procedures that a I can use to most effectively get your money. Generally, I work for a percentage of the amount owed and receive payment once you collect what you’re owed.

If you are part of a legal case involving debt collection, you may want to look at hiring someone like me that is a debt collection attorney. As a lawyer with experience in debt collection, I can help you fight for your rights as a consumer, defending you against a debt collector or creditor. Conversely, if you have successfully sued someone but still haven’t been paid, let me help you recover money you are owed. Many laws detail consumer protection laws as well as debt collection regulations, requirements, and procedures, and a I’m sure I can help you determine which legal strategies will be most effective in your case. Since I am a solo practitioner almost always I can usually negotiate a much lower percentage, which means you get to keep more money that you are owed. I also understand you might not be able to hire a lawyer to help, so that why only when your receive money is when I will collect my fee.

Commercial Practice


In a commercial practice, the ongoing relationship is everything. The commercial / business lawyer is truly a counselor, a guide. Unlike retail law, get them in the door and get them out. Those clients who come to this firm, and I, create direct and personal contact, we develop a mutual respect and trust rare and special, even among other practice areas, and almost never found in large impersonal commercial law firm.

I come to understand your business and its special needs, I have a rare insight into you, and your financial and legal needs.

We deal and prepare to protect your hard earned assets, your business reputation, and if necessary protect its very existence. These are not just words, they represent deeds, when you call or email, I am here, the phone and emails lines are operative at all times, thanks to the miraculous mobile technology that exists today, I am virtually at your side, guiding and protecting, you, your income and the business you created.

Creditor Bankruptcies


Ok, the bill is due, and instead of a payment you receive a notice of a bankruptcy filing, it hits you like a brick, you need these funds, you earned these funds, and now a deadbeat, is using the legality of bankruptcy to deny them to you. Worse, you have in most instances given good service and provided excellent products and that too is also lost. Not true, not by a long shot. Again drawing on over 30 years of legal background from a whole host of field, I can step in, protect your rights, assure you of the most and quickest recovery. This is never pleasant, it is really, for the creditor always unfair, but I hope make the best of a bad situation. At least I and you can talk about it and plan a strategy, limit the damage, and allow you and your business to recover.

Elder Law


You have worked hard, played by the rules, and you have assets to protect, interests that you want passed on to children and surviving family members. Because, as it name implied, Elder law, mistakes in this area are hard if not impossible to correct. Guidance is critical, protection is vastly important, and in cases of power of attorneys and living wills some time lifesaving.

The personal touch, the individual counselor approach can make all of the difference.

International Law


What is international law, in today’s globalized business world, it is all business activity.

Whether you realize it or not, every transaction, almost all local purchases and exchanges have an international aspect to them. Examine the place of manufacture in any Walmart, if you need evidence of how each transaction is an international transaction.

For those commercial activities which involve shipping, transportation, letters of credit, off shore suppliers, and supplies, the contact is more direct and obvious.

This is where I can step in, especially in the case of a small business entering into this area, and activity for the first time. I can help you and your business s navigate the troubled waters of international transactions, ensuring that globalization becomes your ally not your enemy.

Personal Injury


In today’s conservative legal environment, especially in Texas, Personal injury claims must be treated as a state of the art matter. The old boilerplate approach, file everything and see what sticks, is no longer viable.

In my practice we approach each case individually, you will be dealing directly with the primarily lawyer, no junior associate or worse a clerk, improperly named a case manager, or paralegal. You will be able to draw upon my range of knowledge and ability.

I have designed a practice that reviews each case, sets realistic goals, and usually achieves them. Not every request for representation is accepted but those that are accepted, are accepted because they are viable and winnable.

I treat each client as an individual, important and unique, I understand your injury, and your pain, but most importantly I am able, because of my personal knowledge of you, am able to translate that pain and suffering into a settlement or judgment worthy of your injury.