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Traffic Ticket Defense

When your record is in jeopardy

Houston Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer Attorney
We can help you with you ticket:
   CDL Ticket / CMV
   Fail to Maintain Safe Distance
   Fail to Stop
   Fail to Maintain Safe Distance
   Suspended Driver’s License
   Expired Registration
   Fail to Signal
   School Zone
   All Other Violations


When you receive a citation, you have options.

Miss your court date, this will lead to a arrest warrant.
You can just admit guilt and pay the ticket.
Fight the ticket in court without a lawyer.
Let us handle you ticket for you.
No Court (Most Cases)
Ticket Dismissals
Reduced Fines
Keep a Clean Driving Record
No Insurance Increases

Do Not Plead Guilty or Pay Your Fine until you talk to a lawyer !

Did You Know?

The insurance companies will place surcharges on you policy for Traffic Tickets on your record which will  increase your insurance rates between $350-$1,200  per year for the next 3 year!

Don’t let that happen to you.

Let me be your Traffic Ticket Lawyer.

4-Easy Step Process:

It starts with just 1 phone call.

Send us a pictures, the ticket, & your drivers license.

Review the quote, sign agreement, submit payment.

Relax, knowing we are work hard to get you case resolved.

Reasons to Fight Your Ticket

Pleading Guilty or No Contest to your moving violation almost always results with Texas DPS putting it on your record, negatively affecting your insurance rates and license. Such as:

mttCausing your insurance premium to go up an additional $350-$1,200 per year.
mttYou might end up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in surcharges.
mttA suspended driver’s license.
mttPaying a large fine and having the traffic ticket appear on your driving record.

A ticket is a serious matter, it can affect your whole life. Your legal right to drive is important: It can mean the difference between a job, getting to a doctor, being with family and friends. Without the mobility of being allowed to get where you need to go, you are literally a prisoner, a captive in your home. Especially so in Texas which is spread out, and accessible in many cases only be car.  We know this and we take these matters very seriously.

Hiring The Right Attorney For One Traffic Ticket Can Make A Difference For Years In Your Driving Record And Insurance!!

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